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Is your PDR, Hail Damage Repair and Windshield Repair Work Guaranteed?

Heartland Dent Shop offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our PDR, hail damage repair and windshield repairs. There will be no charge for any repair that does not meet or exceed your expectations as discussed and agreed upon at time of estimate.

Can all dents be fixed using the paintless dent repair method (PDR)?

No, a small percentage of dents cannot be fixed using PDR. Some dents are too deep, have actually stretched the metal, have a very sharp crease, have paint damage present or may be located in an area that is not accessible to paintless dent repair tools.

Is PDR for hail damage accepted by insurance?

Yes, in fact it’s often preferred by insurance companies for fixing vehicle hail damage due to being a faster and more cost-effective solution that maintains your vehicle value.

Will paintless dent repair crack the paint?

Rarely. When the PDR process is done correctly by certified technicians no damage is done to the paint or clear coat finish. In some instances, if a dent is exceedingly large, deep, or at a stress point, a crack in the paint can occur. Any dent that is a potential problem or questionable for paint damage will be pointed out and discussed at time of estimate.

Can dents come back?

No. Once the metal is massaged and pushed back into place the dent will not return.

Can Heartland Dent Shop help with my deductible?

In most cases we can assist with some or all of your deductible. With hail damage claims oftentimes the estimate you are given by your insurance company is low-priced or incomplete. We will carefully check your estimate for any mistakes or missed items, and we may be able to assist you in getting more money for your hail claim than the amount on your original estimate.

Can paintless dent removal help when it’s time to turn in my lease car?

Yes. Heartland Dent Shop can repair those dents and door dings for a lot less than you will be charged when you turn in your leased car. If your lease is up soon give us a call, you’ll be glad you did!

Will my insurance rate go up if I file a hail damage repair claim?

In most cases, no this will not affect your comprehensive insurance rates as hail damage is an unpreventable act of nature. Speak to your insurance agent and carefully read your automotive insurance policy just to be sure.

Are windshield repairs permanent?

Yes. Our repair services use a curable resin to permanently bond the broken glass back together and will not require windshield replacement. 

What types of windshield damage can be fixed?

Chips about the size of a quarter.

Will my insurance company pay for windshield repair?

Some insurance companies will pay 100% of your repair. Contact your agent for information concerning windshield coverage.

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We provide free evaluations and professional, accurate estimates for vehicle dent, hail damage and windshield repairs.

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We assist our customers with filing their hail damage repair claim, providing accurate repair assessments and negotiating fair repair settlements.

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We offer fast and easy service from evaluations to completed repairs due to our years of industry expertise and professional vehicle repair certifications.

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