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Oklahoma’s severe thunderstorms can leave behind hail, causing varying levels of damage to the hood, roof, trunk and other sections of your car. The damage to your metal panels can range from multiple small dimples to large, noticeable dents – either way, unrepaired hail damage can lower the resale value of your vehicle. Heartland Dent Shop offers fast, high-quality vehicle hail damage repairs that restore your vehicle’s appearance and value.

How Heartland Dent Shop Fixes Your Vehicle Hail Damage

Our highly trained technicians complete hail damage repairs cost-effectively and thoroughly using specialized paintless dent repair (PDR) methods. Heartland Dent Shop has worked for over a decade providing high-quality hail damage repairs for our Tulsa community, from individual car owners to dealerships and body shops. 

First, we properly light the damage and mark out the dented sections, evaluating by dent depth and location as to which tool to use. Then, we access the underside of the dented metal panels to begin the repairs. Our certified master paintless dent repair technicians carefully and steadily apply pressure to the backside of the dent cavity, using industry-standard tools to massage the dented metal until it’s back into place. We massage and tap each of the dents out until your hail damage is gone and your vehicle’s appearance and value is restored.

Restore Your Vehicle Value and Appearance After Hail Damage

Using paintless dent repair methods to fix vehicle hail damage also maintains your vehicle’s factory finish paint warranty, an important factor in your vehicle’s value. PDR methods take full advantage of the flexible, durable paint “skins” covering automobiles today, which can bend to a point with minor impacts and are guaranteed to provide years’ worth of protection against the elements. 

The paint stripping and repainting found in conventional repairs invalidates this factory finish warranty, which corresponds to a reduced vehicle value since the finish is no longer guaranteed against cracking, peeling, eroding and discoloring. As a cosmetic repair solution that merely fills in and paints over the hail stone dents, traditional repairs fix the appearance of your vehicle, but not the underlying damage itself. Besides being a long, expensive process to prep, fill and paint over each dent, traditional repairs are disclosed on your Carfax report and will likely reduce your vehicle value by thousands of dollars.

The Benefits of Paintless Dent Repairs for Hail Damage

By comparison, Heartland Dent Shop’s paintless dent repair services fix vehicle hail damage more quickly and less expensively, restoring vehicle value and maintaining the factory finish paint warranty. That’s why PDR is often preferred by insurance companies as the primary solution for repairing vehicle hail damage.

Protect Your Investment in Your Vehicle

It’s important to seek hail damage repairs promptly, because additional vehicle damage sustained after a hailstorm could cause your insurance company to prematurely total your vehicle. This is due to a loss in automobile value from the hail damage, meaning the cost of collision and hail damage repairs may exceed the value of your vehicle. By repairing the hail damage quickly, Heartland Dent Shop can help you avoid situations where existing hail damage causes your insurance company to prematurely total your car after an accident or other damage.

This is why you’re encouraged to file a hail damage repair claim as soon as you can. Visit our Hail Damage Insurance Claims page here for resources on how the process works and how to get started. Heartland Dent Shop also offers assistance on filing your claim and working with your insurance company to speed up the process. Once you’ve filed a claim and received your claim number, our skilled technicians can get to work repairing the dents from hail stone impacts on your vehicle.

Hail Damage Repair Services from Heartland Dent Shop 

Rest assured, at Heartland Dent Shop our priority is to restore your vehicle to its pre-damaged value, condition and appearance at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional repairs or replacement panels. Our team of technicians will skillfully and swiftly fix your vehicle hail damage using our paintless dent repair methods and expertise. If your vehicle has sustained hail damage, contact us today to schedule your free estimate!

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